Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All Those Bits

Recently as I've been trying to catch up with any unfinished projects I've noticed a tidy pile of small yarn balls accumulating in my stash bin. Those little leftovers that mount up after finishing a project that are never enough to make a full anything. Personally I'm convinced this is what started Amigurumi. Dozens of cute little baby animals and dolls born just trying to use up all those end bits that you never really know what to do with.

Enter Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs and her scathingly brilliant Crazy Yarn idea. Ash she puts it.

I took all my bits and bobs of leftover yarns which have been accumulating. I then cut them into assorted lengths (no greater than six metres) then mixed them all up and knotted them together randomly. No fancy knotting technique, just leaving a tail of about an inch or so. Regardless of fibre type and thickness. There's cottons, acrylics, wools, novelty yarn, and every possible blend in between. All mixed in together.

And if you follow the link you will see the lovely bag she made with he crazy yarn. I don't know about you but I'm all inspired. I just may take a scissors to those wating bits in my bin and just see what I come up with after I get my current WIPs done. Thank you Purple Goldfish.

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