Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interweave Crochet Fall 2008

I just got my fall issue of I.C. yesterday and I wanted a bit of time to page through before posting my comments.

I want to start by saying all the patterns are lovely. I just want to highlight the patterns and articles that especially appeal to me.

There is an interview with Robyn Chachula that I'm really looking forward to. I've heard her before on G.L. and her patterns are really beautiful so I'm looking forward to reading about what she has to say in this issue.

There is an article that seems to be the start of a series on garment construction, this being part 1: seaming. Now this has particular appeal to me because to be honest I have trouble with making crocheted garments. I hate doing any sort of shaping because it takes me no end of frogging to get it right so I'm looking forward to this series and I may even make notes.

Oxford Town Tote: Lisa Naskrent. This is a beautiful bag and if I didn't have so many already I might make it. However if I need a gift at some point it would be a pattern I'd consider. It's very simple but with some lovely bits of fancy on the strap and edges.

Austen Lace Muffler: Robyn Chachula. Now to me this pattern is ultra yummy. I love the look of the layered ruffles and I am in no way a girly girl. This is just pretty and classic looking to me and it is going to get made. I love nice neck mufflers because I get cold easily and they keep the winter damp out of the top of my coat. This one rocks. [told ya Robyn is good]

Sweet Lorraine Lace Throw: Doris Chan. Beautiful beautiful. Not only is the blanket lovely but there is a picture of part of the pattern made into a scarf. It's pretty, and lacy in a feminine way without being girly girl. There will be Christmas gifts.

Those are my personal hot picks for this issue and my congrats to every designer in the issue for their patterns and pushing through to make crochet just as up to date and fashionable as knitting ever was, and in my humble Rabbit9 opinion, even more so.

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