Friday, September 26, 2008

Crochet! November 2008

I just got my November issue of Crochet! yesterday and I've had a bit of time to page through before posting my comments. As with my post on I.C. this is just a review through Rabbit9's eyes and not meant as any criticism to unpicked items. I'm just highlighting the patterns and articles that especially appeal to me.

Caron Launches Exciting New Yarn Line: This is a little review of the new "Naturally Caron" yarns Country, a wool microfiber blend & SPA.

Insider Shaping Secrets: As mentioned in past posts shaping is a weak point for me so I really want to read this article carefully and hopefully I can improve.

Flower of the Month Pins by Jane Brown: The series continues and though I'm not a very fru-fru kind of girl I really like the two presented in this months issue.

Granule Stitch & Staggered Diamonds by Annie's Attic: This is also a continued series. What's not to love about learning a new stitch you might be able to use in making up your own patterns. These two stitches are both very pretty in their own way Granule is a close weave stitch and Staggered Diamonds is more open. Something for everyone.

Winter White Car Coat by Melissa Leapmin: This is a very lovely long coat, about knee length. It's really beautiful. This is a big project & I would try it but I already have something similar made by my mother.

Camo Socks by Julie Farmer: I so dig crochet socks. For so long I could only find knitted patterns and I knew there must be a way to crochet them. Actual socks not the slipper things. These are a typical short woman's length sock and blue camo but you could choose a different yarn if you wanted.

Double Take by Kim Guzman: This is a slipper pattern, options for men or woman. Nice, simple and would make a good slipper sock. Mainly I like the way they used buttons on the men's pattern.

Sienna Jacket by Candi Jensen: This is really pretty to me and a very classic styling. I may try it at some point but as I mentioned I'm not so great with shaping on garments.

Great Stocking Stuffers by Bendy Carter, Darla Sims, Barbara Worn-Wurtz, Lori Zeller: These are little amigurumi animals [elephant, octopus & pig], Very very cute so if you're into amigurumi check 'em out.

Beaded Bag Necklace by Barbara Worn-Wurtz: Very cute little bag necklace that would be very customizable with different beads.

Those are my personal hot picks for this issue and my congrats to every designer in the issue for their patterns and pushing through to make crochet fun and fashionable.

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