Monday, September 15, 2008

Loopy Charity

One of the things that makes Monday bearable is the weekly podcast Getting Loopy over at Blog Talk Radio. Even with my sometimes snails pace dial up I have not missed an episode even if I have to grab it off the archive. I really enjoy hearing what the guests views of crochet are and what they are doing in their corner of the world. If you haven't heard it I urge you to hop your tail on over there and give a listen.

Past Guests:
Amy O Neil Houck, Dee Stanziano, Doris Chan, Carrie Sullivan, Jess And Casey Founders of Ravelry, Carol Ventura, Julie Amstrng Holetz, Dora Ohrenstein, Kim Werker, Robyn Chachula, Jacqueline from SOAK, Nicky Epstein, 1 hour Live from Chain Link, Dee Stanziano, Lily Chin, Gwen Bakely-Kinsler, Margaret Hubert, Edie Eckman, Kim Kotary, Kim Guzma & Bendy Carter.

If all the names don't ring a bell you probably know one of their books or whatever area of crochet they are involved in. If you don't the shows are a great way to learn about them.

Tonight's 21st show featured Erica Lombardo, Lucy B Kenedy & Meg Eckman [Edie's daughter] [Sorry if I misspelled any of the 3 names. I guessed a bit as it wasn't listed in the show notes] and their work with a charity crochet project over at Duke University to help patient waiting for treatment to learn crochet, knitting or drawing. Links for donations and all the info can be found at Getting Loopy. [link in this posts header and also on the right sidebar] The show was really great and I applaud these ladies in their project. I think it's a very worthy endeavor.

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