Friday, September 19, 2008

Heritage Square Realized

As I mentioned my grandmother is the one that taught me to crochet as a young girl [around 7]. She taught me using thread because that was mainly what she used and maybe that's also how she was taught. A few days ago I had decided to try to figure out a pattern for piece I have that she made but that had never been written down.

There was definitely a bit of trial and error here as the piece is cotton and been washed quite a few times since it's making so the stitches weren't always clear as rows seemed to have blended a little. After a few tries and frogging I finally got a square that resembled her's.

Having a workable pattern I decided I'm crazy enough to work the squares in 3 plies of ombre embroidery floss [that's half of a hank strand which is 6 ply] and a size 9 steel hook. Now I may be crazy but I'm not totally insane. ;-) So I decided to keep it down to a small block of 6 squares in the primary and secondary shades. I may use it for a book mark or perhaps under a small figurine. I present to you my heritage square block. Thank you Nana.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love old patterns and old work. Visit me http;// Address Thanks Karen

Rabbit9 said...

Thank you Karen. This piece is very special to me. I feel really happy to be saving a part of my past for the generations in front of me. I hope in time other people will follow along and show me their heritage square either started by themselves or re-created from their past generations.

Anonymous said...

I have found that worsted weight yarn is the best for kanoodling out a new small thread pattern. The stitches are big enough to see and count. Then, after you've figured it out, you can go to the required size thread and hook to do the real magic. Also, a few squares of thread crochet patterns, made with fingering yarns, make the greatest afghan patterns.

Rabbit9 said...

Thanks for the suggestions Anonymous and for taking the time to comment. This picture is of the final version done in thread. I worked out the pattern in a larger and easier on the eyes version. I just didn't post that picture. :-)