Thursday, September 18, 2008

Corinthian Jacket

This project is my Corinthian Jacket from Crochet! July 2008 printed in the magazine as the Blue Skies Jacket. I made it for me in size medium using a J hook [6.0 mm] and Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Corinthian colorway [about 3 skeins]. I mainly followed the pattern with some slight modifications using Lion’s Homespun instead of the recommended Moda Dea Metro bulky. Both yarns are (5) bulky weight. I lengthened the sleeves to half arm, 4 additional rows of DC and then the same shell edge as pattern. I also added 4 SC rows to the bottom edge like the neck edging before the patterns shell row. I really love the Corinthian colors that reflect falls changing leaves to me and the bulky yarn is just the right weight for a fall jacket. Not to heavy or light. I know some people don't like working with Homespun but I think it gets a bad rap. It's very soft, it's warm and it washes well. A lot of people seem to find it difficult because it splits if it gets caught wrong on your hook. I recommend using a metal hook because they are smooth and slide easier than some of the plastic hooks which can have seams from the injection molding process. I also recommend being aware of how you turn your hook when working. If you keep the hook turned completely downward when pulling your yarn over through loops you wont get that splitting. If it's angled the hook may catch in the yarn and make it more difficult to pull through. The following is my jacket with the changes mentioned and the original picture of the pattern design from Crochet!


I'd also like to thank my friend T for giving me a hand with the pictures. Thanks T!


Princess Kathy said...

You did a great job!
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Rabbit9 said...

Thank you Kathy.