Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Broken Ears

I don't know how they got on the floor. Usually I'm a pretty tidy rabbit. They must have fallen off the table when I didn't see it. Stuff happens and I stepped on my headphones accidentally. Crunch! They are the kind where the plastic bit goes around the back of your head so glue didn't work because every time I spread them to get them on it snaps again.

So I took the foam bits off and unscrewed them [see photo] so I could take off the broken plastic part. I put them back together and now I have two still working ear speakers. Rabbit ingenuity to the rescue. I'm working out a plan to crochet a suitable alternative to get them to stay on my head. I'll start that right after I finish the hat I'm working on. I hope to get hat pictures up with a post on that project in the next day or so. Wish me luck on my headphone project. I may need it.


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