Monday, November 24, 2008

Crochet! January 2009

I just got my January issue of Crochet! and I've had a bit of time to page through before posting my comments. This is just a review through Rabbit9's eyes and not meant as any criticism to unpicked items. I'm just highlighting the patterns and articles that especially appeal to me.

Elegant Hooks: Crochet With Comfort: This is a little review of Elegant Hooks made by Al and Bella Bourassa for people that have join or muscle pain that makes it hard to hold a regular hook. You get one handle and the hook part is interchangeable coming in a set of 6 plus an accessory bag and a few replacement O-rings. You can also get additional hooks separately.

Secrets for Seaming Success: Several methods of joining pieces are discussed here. A very beneficial article for both beginner and advanced crocheters including pictures so you can see what they are doing as well as text descriptions.

Crocheting Socks That Fit: Need I say again that socks in crochet rock? Ok well they do so there and if you are having trouble getting yours to fit right this article is one you need to read. It goes through how to measure and how to adjust by shoe size. If you want to make the kind of socks you can wear in your shoes & fit to your actual feet and legs check this article out.

Threads of Compassion Scarf by Bendy Carter: Not only is the scarf lovely but it can be donated to the charity Threads of Compassion which provides scarves for the victims of sexual violence.

Striped-Yoke Top by Melissa Leapmin: This is a very pretty sweater that I think would look good on almost any body type. Depending on the yarn you choose and what you wear it with I think it could go from casual to slightly dressy.

Mens Hooded Cardigan by Treva McCain: A simple but still elegant cardigan for the men in your life. Yes, that's right, men. So for all you out there wanting to crochet something your man might actually wear I suggest you check this pattern out.

Zigzag Rib & Small Slanted Shells by Annie's Attic: This is a continued series. What's not to love about learning a new stitch you might be able to use in making up your own patterns. These two stitches are both very pretty in their own way Zigzag Rib has an almost basket weave look. Small Slanted Shells has almost a vertical bullion look to it. Sorry but that's the closest I can get to a description. You just have to see this one to really appreciate it.

Fair Isle & Easy Breezy Socks by Janet Rehfeldt: As you know I so dig crochet socks. For so long I could only find knitted patterns and I knew there must be a way to crochet them. Actual socks not the slipper things. This article has 2, count 'em 2 patterns to choose from. I say why choose, make both and Show that cool socks can be crocheted too, not just knit.

Continental Cable Scarf by Peter Franzi: Ok you scarf makers get your hook out because this one rocks. I'm not a huge fan of post stitches. Normally I think it's an attempt to make the look of knit cables in crochet but it doesn't quite work for me. This pattern however has a much better look than most crochet "cables" to me. It is very classy and I have to give all kinds of props to Peter. I'm also personally glad to see more men getting into crochet.

Black & white Hat & Solid Hat by Sharon Mann: For me hats rank even higher than socks and these two are beauties. Rounded hats with brims. The B & W has a very elegant stripe and buckle that I think is just beautiful and the solid is a fun pattern with a flower with the stem going around as the band. I think it would make a great summer sun hat.

Sampler Shawl by Kim Guzman: The name says it all. Large pattern squares and solid squares teamed up with a beautiful scalloped edging to make this really beautiful shawl. Definitely a must do for someone special on your gift list.

Letter-Baby Jacket by Brandee Fondren: This is really cute and classic version of a letterman jacket for a child. This would be great if you are looking for a pattern for young boys. The sizes are for 6 to 24 months.

Those are my personal hot picks for this issue but there are many more that I did not mention. My congrats to every designer in the issue for their patterns and pushing through to make crochet fun and fashionable.

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