Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lion Newsletter 4th for Nov

The 4th Lion newsletter for November is out. It features the introduction of 100% Cashmere from the new LB Collection. The free patterns include Fast, Easy Gifts to Make on a Budget but still coming out slightly heavy on the knitting side. I have to say that even though there are only 3 free crochet patterns as opposed to 5 knit patterns the crochet ones offered really do rock. The free patterns are as follows. Crochet: Driving Gloves, Ruffle Scarf & Graphic Squares Afghan. Knit: Easy Knit Mitten, Aran Cable Scarf, Hooded Knitted Sweater, Thigh High Socks & Lover's Knot Afghan. If you follow the Lola cartoon there are links to Amigurumi Turkey, Felted Fall Wreath & Cornucopia and Fruit however these patterns were given in a previous newsletter. If you missed those this is a good chance to get them. There is a link to their kids newsletter which shows how to Learn to Make Your Own Amigurumi. For the kit sale of the week you can get 50% Off their Knit Stained Glass Hat & Scarf pattern. The Trim of the Week crocheted Lattice Fringe

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Rabbit9 said...

Thank you Anonymous and thanks for taking the time to post to me.