Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lion Newsletter 2nd for Nov

The 2nd Lion newsletter for November is out and I'm sorry to say it's a little disappointing for the crocheter in my opinion. The focus this time is on scarves which if fine, But, take a look at the difference between the knit patterns which have some style and flare and the crochet ones which to me seem a little boring and basic with the styles chosen. Sorry but I don't really need a pattern to DC back and forth rows in the width of a scarf. No there is nothing wrong with beginner patterns. I'm all for more people learning to crochet. I just don't see an evenness in the presentation of style in this issue. To me it says look at the knitting, cables, ribs, waves, BAM! Oh yeah and here's some simple ones for you crocheters. I'm not feeling the luv for the hook. On the plus side If you follow the link for the Lola cartoon you will find 3 more patterns. The Crochet Luxury Hood has some real potential if you don't mind working with fun-fur. For the knitters there is the Furry Pillbox Hat & Santa Hats. The kit sale of the week is 50% off the Knit Wild & Woolly Hat & Scarf Set. The trim of the Week is the crocheted Soft Center trim. Go take a look and let me know what you think.

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