Friday, November 7, 2008

Lion Newsletter 1st for Nov

The 1st Lion newsletter for November is out and the Halloween fun has begun. In this issue you will find the Grace Scarf, amigurumi patterns for a Crochet Tom Turkey, a Crochet Cornucopia and a Crochet Wreath of felted leaves. There are also Afghans to Make in 6 Hours or Less, 2 are Crochet and 2 are the K word for those that run that bent. You can also get over 50% Off the current Kit which is also the K word but Rabbit9 does have fiber love for all that love us back so I'm mentioning the Knit Ermine Wrap. The trim this week is Knit Bobbles but you can also check the site for crochet trims so we are not left out. My personal pick is the amigurumi items. Very cute. Go look.

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