Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Green Carnival Rabbit9

Woooooooooo! Guess what guess what!! I got picked to be in Carnival of Green Crafts #7. My pattern for a Plarn Grocery Bag is featured in this issue along with several very other cool crafts. I'm really happy and flattered that my bag has been so popular. I've had 178 people get my pattern so far and I believe this honor may push it over the top of 200. I never guessed my simple pattern would be so wanted. It really is an honor to me since it's the first crochet pattern I made up and wrote down as I was doing it and tried to remember to take pictures for the pdf as I was going at key points. It was a real experience for me to have so many people appreciate my work. It's truly a blessing to me. I'm so grateful to God and to everyone that requested the pattern download. Thank you all so much and thank you also to Carnival of Green Crafts #7 for their recognition.


Marie Anne said...

Amazing bag! I'm going to give this plarn stuff another try.

MBT said...

woo-hoo for you! Love the bag a lot big enough to carry lots of things in, and no wee holes for the smallish things to poke out of. Well done!

Rabbit9 said...

Thank you both so very much. :-)