Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Museum of Contemporary Craft page has up a really keen display called Manuf®actured: The conspicuous transformation of everyday objects and that's just what it is. The exhibit has several really killer crafty displays that are really inspirational such as art made from: re-crafted cardboard and polystyrene, sculptured lipsticks, hair that's been manipulated in every way imaginable, incredible intricate lace doilies, cut out container sculptures, mosaic-ed marker caps & thread spools, Marcel Wanders Knotted Chair, Hexagon wallpapers and the pièce de résistance [IMO] of the show Crochet Cube table. Holy cow! If you can't get inspired by that then I just don't know what. That cube is just too cool for words and I want one in the worst way. :-D Go check it out.

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