Friday, October 17, 2008

Pet Yarn Chic

You worked a long day and now it's time to settle down and relax. You have your crochet together, a good movie on and a nice cup of tea. You're set. You sit down into your favorite chair and within minutes you realize you're wearing a blanket that never saw a hook belonging to you or anyone else. Yup, your favorite pet has shed enough hair to make you look like a wookie with one sit down. What is a crocheter to do? Of course you love your pet to no end. No way you are going to do without that sweet fluffy face! However it's time for fluffy and duke to start earning their share and adding to the coffers of your stash instead of your laundry and housekeeping. So you say yeah Rabbit9, I can dig that but where are you going with this? What do I do, hook up my dog to my ball winder? Well, yes and no. It's time to tame the shed. Gather up the hair and go check out Pet Yarn Chic. They can take all the brushed shed [no clipped hair] and make it into yarn. At last you can make a sweater that you can actually take off and put on at will. Costs are on the page but I think after the initial set up this would be worth it if you have a heavy shedding or multiple animal[s]. You need to brush your animals anyway for their health and your housekeeping anyway so why not fatten your stash in reward for all your work at the same time? Take a look and see if it's worth it for you.

It’s absolutely easy … and fun,too! When you join Pet Yarn Chic you begin the process of regularly gathering and saving your pet’s shed or groomed fur and hair for your homespun yarn. We supply you, or your pet groomers, with a starter kit of hair collection instructions and shipping labels. As you send us your collected pet hair, we hand-spin it into yarn, and mail the finished yarn back to you. We will continue to spin your pet hair into yarn for as long as you like…whether it’s for one project…or for many projects to come.

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