Friday, October 10, 2008

Small Town Living

Small Town Living is a free pdf magazine and the October - November issue is out. I've been reading these for some time and it is appropriately named. It often has simple living tips and craft related articles. Some of my favorite articles from this issue are as follows.

Small Town Business Basics by Rich Musgrave
Which is some thoughts on how to make and keep your business more profitable.

Not Your Grandmother’s Aprons by Bev Frankeny
Is a pretty cool article about the old fashioned type of aprons, you know, actually functional. It also has some links included for pattern resource so you sewers might want to check it out.

Homemade Cheese by: Kristina Ecker
Real cool article for anyone that has had an interest in how to make simple mozzarella at home. Yummy.

The Art of Rescuing Vintage Textiles by LuAnn Smith, Artisan
Now we are getting into the crafty stuff. If you either have some vintage fabric or want some this is a must read in this issue. They also have some resource links.

Frugal Living 33 Ways to Save and Stretch Your Dollars
Self explanatory and who couldn't use and extra money saving tip these days.

To get your issue follow the link above and click on the picture to download the pdf. Back issues are also available on that page and some of those are very good too like the August - September issue witch has an article on spinning fiber.

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