Monday, October 20, 2008

Loopy Rwanda & Caron Yarns

Tonight's 26th Getting Loopy show featured Cari Clements talking about her job as design director of Caron Yarns. Cari also talked about her work with Rwanda Knits, and their Auctions [mark the dates: October 16-26, 2008]. There will some new yarns coming out and some discontinued. Which ones? I'm not going to tell you. You're just going to have to go listen, so there. ;-) Seriously this 45 minutes flies by. It's so interesting just to hear about how they came to pick Rwanda and what the women there have gone through. Amazing! Even if you're not a crocheter just go listen and then go look at the Auction items. Ever wonder where those samples go that you see pictured in pattern books and magazines? Well some of them are there straight from the designers own stash! 50% of the final auction price will also be tax deductible plus you are helping a great cause. What more can you want? No you can not have free yarn! ;-)

Hop on over and check out of the archive if you didn't get to hear it. Links and all the info can be found at Getting Loopy. [G.L. link in this posts header and also on the right sidebar]

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