Monday, October 27, 2008

Loopy Dude

It's Loopy Monday dude, but not just any dude. Tonight's 27th Getting Loopy show featured Drew Emborsky "The Crochet Dude" talking about his book The Crochet Dude's Designs for Guys along with his many other patterns. Drew is living proof that real men can and do crochet! The ladies are not alone. So men give a listen and take up your hooks with pride. Apart from all that Drew is just plain fun and warm hearted and that comes across in this show. We have asked and asked publishers for real clothes for real people and not some French runway show stuff no one can wear put on real looking models. Well this book has it! No it's not just scarves and hats. Real guys wearing real crochet items that real guys would want so run over, listen to the show and go get yourself a copy of the book. Lets let those publisers know that real is what we want and real is what we will support.

Hop on over and check out of the archive if you didn't get to hear it. Links and all the info can be found at Getting Loopy. [G.L. link in this posts header and also on the right sidebar]

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