Monday, October 6, 2008

Loopy Kids

I scream, you scream we all scream for Loopy Monday. Tonight's 24th Getting Loopy show featured Phyllise Sandford and Sharon Mann talking about crochet for kids in their book Crochet Kid Stuff. It has 20 fun projects to make for for boys and girls. How do two people from Las Vagas and New York collaborate on a crochet book? The same way they handled the G.L. interview, teamwork and lots of phone calls. Phyllise and Sharon, who both have a background in art, fielded questions on their book and for those of you with the for legged kids there was a discussion on sweaters for dogs as well. How do you size those furry pal sweaters anyway? Tune in and listen. Lots of fun in this show and great info from these two talented ladies.

Hop on over and check out of the archive if you didn't get to hear it. Links and all the info can be found at Getting Loopy. [G.L. link in this posts header and also on the right sidebar]

Note: The dog coats mentioned are not in the kids book but there is info in the G.L. show on where to get them so go listen. Just wanted to be clear on that.

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