Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pattern Picks - Indian Corn

I've decided to add a new feature to my little blog world. I occasionally come across some nice patterns on the net and I've decided to share some of those links with all of you. There will be some from yarn sites and I will also feature some blogs. There are tons of patterns out there as you know and this is just a sampling of things that happen to appeal to me. If you have a pattern on your blog or don't have a blog but want to share a pattern you know of feel free to comment in to me.

So without further ado
Create! blog and the Indian Corn crochet pattern. These are just so adorable and are just perfect for your autumn decor. You may want to also check out the other recent posts of The Cutest Pumpkin Out There (And How To Make It!) & Crochet Halloween 2008 which highlights some of the Etsy shop Halloween items. Well done Create! !

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